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28 Day Bikini Body Challenge!

Bestie! Are you ready?! It’s officially time to get hot girl summer ready with BBG! Nathalie will take you through 28 days of her favorite training and nutrition routines to help you transform your lifestyle, eat the foods you love all while building your dream bikini body!

This challenge will help you build lean muscle, drop body fat & improve your discipline in just 28 days!


NEXT CHALLENGE BEGINS: September 13, 2021

What’s Included:

  • A 4 week TRAINING PLAN that includes HOME & GYM workouts

  • A 4 week CARDIO ROUTINE to help you shed fat each week

  • 5 day training split that progresses in difficulty throughout the challenge! 

  • Training split: 2x lower body focused days, 2x upper body focused days, & 1-2 HIIT workouts per week. 

  • A 4 week MEAL PLAN with different meal options to help you learn how much to eat to reach your goals

    • You will also learn how to track macros so you can enjoy the foods YOU love while dropping body fat

  • A MEAL PREP GUIDE to help you master the kitchen without spending hours cooking!

Want to take your training to the next level? You will also receive:

  • A SUPPLEMENT ROUTINE with Nathalie's recommendations on the supplements she uses to keep her bikini body

When you reach your fat loss goals, you'll want to rock that bikini body babe! You'll also get:

  • Nathalie's secrets on how to prevent razor bumps

  • Nathalie's hair care routine

Community Support:

  • A Facebook Group to stay motivated and accountable with other BBG Babes & receive 24/7 support from the Official NCF team.